MONDAY ESSENTIALS: Make and Keep Your New Year Resolutions

Want to lose weight? Get fit? Quit smoking? Check out some tips on how to start and how to stick with it.

What is your New Year’s resolution? While many of you have resolved not to make any more resolutions, the majority look to make some sort of change in the coming new year.

According to a report by Forbes.com published at the start of 2013, 40 percent of Americans decide to make a resolution. Of those, 8 percent of people actually achieve them, according to the report.

What are you hoping to change? Want to lose weight? Get fit? Quit smoking?

There are a few ways to go about making change. Getting information or researching the best ways to stay on track can help. USA.gov provides several links to sites where anyone can find information on popular resolutions.

In 2009, Loma Linda University Medical Center produced a Health and Wellness Calendar that is still relevant today. It also provides information on making and keeping resolutions. 

Finally, your Patch editor is aware that some of you have considered making a big lifestyle change by becoming vegetarians or vegans. In a burger and fries kind of world, this can be a big change.

Several groups are trying to inspire people to go vegan even if it’s a few days a week. If you really want to try, PETA offers ways to start. Or you can check out the Vegetarian Resource Group for information.

Perhaps one of the most important things experts hope people remember is that everyone has setbacks. Give yourself a break and allow for missteps. Punishing yourself and giving up on your goal is a far bigger problem than dealing with a stumble, no matter how big a misstep it is.

Happy New Year everyone.


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