Fountain Valley, Is the Flu Near You?

It's flu season. Learn where to get vaccinated and how many have reported the flu in Fountain Valley.

The flu is coming earlier than usual across California, and a new website helps you track it.

Nationwide, more than 2,250 people have been hospitalized, and 18 children have died between October and December, according to a Centers for Disease Control report.

Flu cases have been rising in California since October, according to FluNearYou.org. The site run by the Boston Children's Hospital tracks users who volunteer to take weekly health surveys.

"We are experiencing a flu season that has spiked early, but we are not done with it," a Sacramento physician told CBS News.

In Fountain Valley, four people have reported no flu symptoms this week to Flu Near You, with one reporting some symptoms and none reporting the flu.

Here's where you can get vaccinated in Fountain Valley:

  • CVS/Pharmacy Store No. 6223
    9930 Talbert Ave.
    (714) 968-3308
  • Rite Aid No. 5762
    Alderwood Plaza, 18395 Brookhurst St.
    (714) 965-1973
  • Sav-On Pharmacy
    18579 Brookhurst St.
    (714) 378-0174
  • Walgreens
    10990 Warner Ave., Suite A,
    (714) 962-7200
  • Rite Aid No. 5763
    Palouse Empire Mall, 17904 Magnolia St.
    (714) 962-9713


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