Fountain Valley Pizza Hut Reopens After Brief Health Closure

Inspectors found multiple live and dead cockroaches at the biz during an inspection in December. The restaurant reportedly fixed the problem and reopened later that day.

Pizza’s up.

Health inspectors briefly closed a Fountain Valley Pizza Hut after they found coackroaches throughout the restaurant.

The infestation at the 16027 Brookhurst Street business was removed later that day Dec. 6, and the health permit was reinstated, according to the report from Orange County Environmental Health Department.

During the first inspection, officials said they found six dead cockroaches around the water heater, two dead cockroaches in the corner near an employee table, multiple cockroaches within the wall at the front of the businesses across from the register, as well as under the Pepsi cooler.

“By the end of the inspection, the cockroach infestation could not be completely abated and several live cockroaches were still observed,” according to the report.

Inspectors said the manager reported the cockroaches had been an ongoing problem since summer. 

The issues were fixed before the inspection later that day. When inspectors returned Dec. 27 for a second inspection, they reported the issues were still fixed.


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