Full Moon Favorites

From sushi to tempura—great food at reasonable prices.

If sushi cravings hit you when least expect them, don’t worry that you’ll have to break the bank. Full Moon, located on the corner of Brookhurst and Ellis in the Ralphs shopping center, is convenient, reasonably priced and serves great Japanese food.

Full Moon offers a variety of freshly prepared specialties that please the most discriminating palates. Whether you perch at the sushi bar or plant yourself at a table, you can find a variety of dishes to satisfy those cravings. The sushi menu features your standard rolls and pieces, including tuna, salmon, shrimp and fresh water eel sushi, for about $3 each.

Rolls are expertly constructed and attractively presented. Hand rolls include California, tuna, lobster, and soft shell crab, and cut rolls offer a variety, so you’ll always find a winner. From California rolls to vegetable, to the salmon-and-cream cheese filled Philadelphia, to the impressive volcano, the cut rolls are best shared with someone special. Hand rolls are under $5, and cut rolls range from $2.50 to $7.50.

The main menu offers tempura and teriyaki dishes. Salads, dressed with that delightful Asian dressing, come with many meals, or they can be purchased separately. A small green salad is only $1.50, and the seafood and poke salads are reasonably priced at $6.50. Other entrees include Udon noodle dishes; rice bowls with chicken, beef, pork, or fish; and sashimi.

The Full Moon combination specials offer the best value, but be prepared to carry home leftovers. Each is served with salad, miso soup and rice, with main courses that included California roll, spicy tuna roll or crunchy roll (our favorite). These are followed by teriyaki chicken, teriyaki beef or tempura.

The friendly staff greets each guest with a warm welcome, in Japanese, of course; and the place is always busy—a sure sign of a good thing. Full Moon is a hotspot for teens, and don’t be surprised to run into your neighbors, for eat in or take out.


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