Papa Knows Best

Local eatery delivers fresh and tasty breakfasts and lunches.

If you're looking for real, home-style cooking to satisfy your breakfast or lunch cravings, Papa Z's is the place to go. It serves delicious foods at affordable prices, and the service is quick and friendly…what more could you want?

Conveniently located near the Ralph’s on Garfield and Magnolia, Papa Z’s is home to many FV regulars. Long-time residents will remember Hamburger Hank's that once sat in the current Papa Z location, but in 2004 ownership (and the name) for this restaurant changed. Since then, the menu has changed along with the atmosphere, including a really cute new menu board and a host of tributes from local youth sports groups. The oh-so-casual décor is clean and welcoming, and normal business hours bring people from all walks to the Z door, so don’t be surprised if you bump into your neighbor, a flock of surfers, an ex-boyfriend, the UPS dude, or your daughter’s soccer coach inside.

From burritos to bagels, you just can’t go wrong. Our daughter and her friends love breakfast at Papa Z’s, and their biggest concern is whether to order the pancakes or the French toast special. We like the omelets, and the hot coffee keeps flowing.  Breakfast specials start at about $4.95, most items are less than $10, and most are big enough to share.

During a recent trip with our son and a friend, we ordered lunch items—burgers of many flavors. The burgers could compete with any others in the area, with fresh condiments and fresh-broiled flavors. Each burger came with a side, so we mixed it up, sharing the fries and onion rings, while our son enjoyed a bowl of soup. The potions were huge, and diners should be warned. We also sampled the pastrami sandwich and a chicken salad. If you like the pastrami piled high, like in a New York-style deli, this is not your place. Papa’s pastrami is generous enough for me, but true connoisseurs will be disappointed.  The salad was unremarkable, but fresh and satisfying.

The biggest disappointment at Papa Z’s is that they close at 3 p.m.; haven’t they heard of breakfast for dinner?


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