Fountain Valley Baby Home, Tumor Gone

Wyatt James Dunbar's birth was massively complicated by a huge tumor discovered while he was in the womb. Also complicated: the surgery to remove it later, and his recovery.

Wyatt James Dunbar's adorable Gerber-baby face belies what he's gone through during his young life. When the Fountain Valley boy was still in the womb, doctors discovered a massive tumor quickly growing in his neck, according to an article in the Orange County Register.

His birth in May at UCI Medical Center took months to plan, and the delivery went fine. But then doctors still had to remove the tumor—a teratoma—which weighed about a pound; Wyatt weighed less than 6. The surgery was successful and doctors think they got the whole tumor.

Wyatt is now at home with the rest of the Dunbars, who've had to do a lot of work to overcome Wyatt's developmental problems. But they figure they're on the right track and say they have much to be grateful for—after all, they've been able to celebrate their first Christmas with Wyatt.

Read the full Register story here.

Carol Hakala December 27, 2012 at 08:48 PM
Thank God of medical technology and miracles. God bless this child and his family.


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