Local PD Joins Feds to Bring 'Granny Scammer' Suspect Back to U.S.

VIDEO, PHOTOS: Daniel Marcotte is accused of calling the elderly and posing as a grandson in trouble in a foreign country.

Video from the Seal Beach Police Department
Video from the Seal Beach Police Department
An investigator from the Seal Beach Police Department joined U.S. Marshals in retrieving a fugitive suspected of posing as an imperiled grandson of a local widow, scamming her out of $30,000.

Altogether, accused "granny scammer" Daniel Marcotte, 30 of Montreal, is suspected of bilking more than $100,000 from elderly Americans, according to a press release from the Seal Beach Police Department. 

After an international manhunt, he was arrested Sept. 11 in Montreal and just Wednesday brought back to the U.S., officials said.

The case broke locally in February 2013, when a man claiming to be a local, 86-year-old's grandson, "Randy," who supposedly called her from Mexico in trouble, according to the press release. He claimed to be in jail and needed money for his release.

Trusting the caller, the woman sent $15,000 cash to an address in New York City, according to the press statement. Two days later, Marcotte called again, police allege, asking for another $15,000. The widow complied.

Later, realizing she'd been scammed, the resident called Seal Beach Police, who have worked with NYPD to identify the suspect, officials said.

During the manhunt, Marcotte reportedly changed his appearance and fled from his Montreal residence to avoid capture, according to Seal Beach Police.

"Marcotte was known to live a lavish lifestyle and frequent nightclubs. He also claimed to be a successful celebrity chef. Marcotte was also known to take on various aliases and change his appearance to mask his identity. Marcotte traveled frequently between Canada and New York, and he has made numerous trips into the Manhattan area," the press release states.

“Identity theft is an epidemic," said Seal Beach Police Chief Joe Stilinovich. "The investigation of identity theft and fraud perpetrated against our senior population is a Seal Beach Police Department priority. Our senior residents are vulnerable to such scams and it is a community wide responsibility to protect them from victimization.”

Anyone with information about Daniel Marcotte was asked to call Detective Mary Martinez of the Seal Beach Police Department at (562) 799-4100 extension 1110, or email: mmartinez@sealbeachca.gov


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