Electric Bills to Jump 5% in Fountain Valley

Southern California Edison wins state OK for residential price hike. The utility had asked for a 16.6 percent increase.

Fountain Valley residents should prepare to budget roughly $7 more for their monthly electricity bills starting early in 2013 thanks to a Southern California Edison rate increase approved Thursday.

State regulators cleared the utility company to raise rates 5 percent to cover the cost of providing ''safe and reliable'' electricity and integrating renewable energy sources.

Customers won’t see their bills go up until early in 2013, according to Lauren Bartlett, spokeswoman for Southern California Edison. SCE residential customers’ monthly bills will increase an average of about $7. The rate increase was shy of the 16.6 percent requested by the private utility.

The California Public Utilities Commission ordered Edison to try harder to cut costs, and the commission disallowed some of what it called ``non-essential'' projects. The ruling will force the utility to cut operations and maintenance expenses by about $258 million and spending on capital projects by $756 million.

CPUC Commissioner Timothy Alan Simon, who led the review, said the decision strikes a balance between the goals of the utility and protecting ratepayers.

``This decision ensures that SCE is able to invest in smart energy systems, renewables and safety and reliability while its ratepayers are protected under the CPUC's prudent review,'' Simon said.

The decision authorizes Edison to beef up equipment inspections and to use new technology to better track the condition and service record of the utility's assets. Regulators also ordered an independent review of SCE's system utility poles to determine whether current loads meet legal standards and an independent audit of SCE's spending on infrastructure repair and replacement.

The report by the CPUC addressed widespread criticism over Southern California Edison's response to a 2011 windstorm. The commission required SCE to answer to the commission with a progress report next year on the utility's commitments to improve communications with customers during emergencies.

”While today's decision results in a rate increase for SCE's ratepayers, this is a necessary investment in our future.  We need to do a more thorough job in monitoring, maintaining, and replacing our aging electricity infrastructure. We also need to modernize and enhance our electricity system to better achieve the state's environmental policy goals,'' Commissioner Mike Florio said. ``We will be vigilant to ensure that SCE will spend every penny wisely.''

- City News Service

Bonnie Lou Cabral November 30, 2012 at 06:04 PM
If Edison is going to raise our monthly charge by 7%, wonder why they can't compensate any and every home owner where the electric pole is positioned in "their" yard, (referencing my back yard) And that pole has to provide for three to five surrounding houses, all of their guy-wires from each adjacent home, all leads into this one pole, that is extremely unattractive to the "one" home owner. My back yard is full of wires from all other houses, and those houses only have their individual wires. I look up from my back yard and all I see is overhead cables criscrossing from all over "ugly," ugly," ugly!!!!!! I SHOULD BE COMPENSATED BY "EDISON." AND VERY MUCH SO. As well as any other customer that has the one pole in their back yard, used by all other neighbors surround them. Not fair!!!!!
Carol Redhead November 30, 2012 at 10:09 PM
I agree Bonnie, those with unsighlty power poles in their back yards should be compensated with free electricity. I have a power pole in my garden, and several times the Edison workers come into my back yard without letting me know. Their equipment is strewn ll around and left there for hours until they come back for it. I don't know how they were able to access my yard as the gate is locked. I have photos of their intrusion.


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