Mike Thompson Freeway Sign on Planning Commission Agenda

The proposed sign has already drawn angry comments from members of the public.

The Fountain Valley Planning Commission will decide Wednesday whether to allow to install a large lighted sign along the 405 that has already drawn significant protest from the public.

Several members of the public at last week's city council meeting, concerned not only about the proposed sign's size, but also about the fact that, because Mike Thompson's leases its land from the city, the usual city codes don't necessarily apply.

Planning Director Andy Perea confirmed last week after the council meeting that there are in fact separate planning standards for city land as opposed to that of private residents or businesses, but that there are also different standards for signs fronting the freeway, as evidenced by large signs that have been allowed in the past for companies like , which will also have large freeway-facing signs on its .

Perea also noted last week that, regardless of any perceived double standard, that any decision on Mike Thompson's proposed sign would be at the discretion of the Planning Commission.

The commission will also consider a permit request from , which is proposing to to renovate and reconfigure its existing store layout to include a training and area and to improve its interior and exterior seating.

Joker Joe May 22, 2012 at 03:05 PM
Why should the requirements be different for city leased property versus what the little people lease? Sounds like congress! They force Obamacare on us but put in the law that they they are exempt...


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